GlamCloset is the on line Fashion Boutique for trendy, independent and forward-thinking women who love to wear unique, stylish and high quality items.

The selection of the Brands is very accurate so as to guarantee the best choice of both design and fabrics.

I’ve loved Fashion since I took my first steps into the world and this idea was created through a mix of creativity and passion.

I have the ambitious goal to be the connection between the designer’s love and dedication while creating their collections..

..and the women who express their personality by wearing them.

GlamCloset is more than a simple marketplace: it’s like shopping at your favourite boutique!

Want to know more? Please write to: info@glamcloset.co.uk, and in the meantime enjoy your shopping!

Eleonora Rocca, Founder

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” - Eleanore Roosevelt

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